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Sofia Maggi by Kirill Kozlov

"Everyone has a preconceived idea of my nationality. Italians consider me “The American.” The Americans call me “The Italian.” And Russians? They frequently stop me on the street, convinced I’m one of them until I reply back in Italian, a good laugh for us all."

I was born in Los Angeles to my American mother and Italian father. Thankfully, they raised me to embrace both nationalities equally, so I’m fluent in both languages. Most of my early schooling years were in Lerici, La Spezia, near UNESCO’s Cinque Terre region and later between the USA and UK.

Growing up, I wasn’t tall enough to reach the kitchen counter. Nevertheless, my mother pulled up a chair, and I helped her make homemade pasta and ravioli. I knew how to use a pasta machine before I could ride a bike.

My fascination with acting started with my first trip to the theatre. Amazed by the lights and stage, I decided my place was amongst the actors under the spotlights. I dashed from my seat and leapt onto the stage - my love of acting was born. From age 11, I convinced my parents to let me spend summers in the USA at acting camps.

Sports are a significant part of my life. From Epeé fencing to driving boats and scuba diving, I love to stay active and immerse myself in nature. During winters, I trained with my competitive ski team in Slalom and Super G races in the Alps, and when the snow melts, I get an adrenaline rush climbing the vertical cliffs of the Via Ferrate in the Dolomites.

Italian Classic studies high school was fascinating and intense; Latin, Greek, History, Philosophy and studying Dante’s Divine Comedy in-depth gave me valuable insights, but I still wanted to have the American school experience. I decided to transfer and spend a year in the States at Quakertown High School in Pennsylvania. On the weekends, I would dash up to NYC and take acting lessons whenever I could. 

After completing my Italian Maturità diploma, I moved to the UK, joined the Actor’s Centre, and completed my BA Honours degree at The University of Westminster in London.

My quest for work in front of the camera is continuous, and my focus is dedicated to acting. However, I have been teaming up with a major fashion show production company in my free time, working backstage and integrating my production skills into films.


I live between London and Italy, and The Zoë Nathenson Agency represents me in the UK and Black&White Management in Rome.